Weekly Update



Welcome to the first MythWalker Weekly Update!

First off, many thanks from all of us here at NantGames for taking the time to read our very first MythWalker Weekly Update! In these Weekly Updates you can expect a variety of things, including:

  • Special Events & Partnerships - From in-game events, to real world conventions, to brand partnerships, and beyond!

  • NantGames Team Members - We'll give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on the wonderful people making MythWalker and what they do here.

  • Community Highlights - We want to feature YOU! Made some awesome fan art? Discovered MythWalker out in the wild? Created a Wulven that looks exactly like your dog? Our social team is watching... you might just get featured!

  • Coming soon to MythWalker - Whenever we get the green light to share some of what's to come, we'll give you a sneak peek!

  • ... and in general, all things MythWalker!

As you can imagine we have so much to share with all of you... so let's get started!

An exciting time for MythWalker!

If you're new to MythWalker, don't worry - we've got you covered. Let's quickly recap to how we got here today.

Throughout early 2024, we've been testing our Closed Beta in Australia; learning what players think of MythWalker, and testing some core features of the game out in the real world! It's been really exciting to finally have gamers try out what we have been working on for so long! To those of you playing now, we thank you so much for all of the feedback you've been providing - and simply for playing our game!

New MythWalker Trailer!

We've got a brand new trailer for our Closed Beta! Give it a watch... especially if you like corgis!

And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

MythWalker Closed Beta Trailer

MythWalker Social Media Content

If you aren't already following our social media accounts, there is no better time to do so! The MythWalker team has been growing and we've recently brought on some extremely talented people to bring content to our community! In a future update we'll introduce you to some of these amazing people.

In the meantime, take a look at some of these awesome introductions to MythWalker that we've created for you. And don't forget to leave a follow!

Instagram - Welcome To MythWalker

TikTok - Play MythWalker From Your Couch?!

Twitter/X - What Is MythWalker?

Although we are making sure that most of our content is able to be viewed on each social media platform, some platforms have some content that is exclusive so be sure to explore each of them!

MythWalker Closed Beta

Roll Call - Australian Gamers!

If you're out in the Land Down Under, we'd love to get you into the Closed Beta now!

Click this link and sign up today: Closed Beta Signup

Beta is expanding soon

Taking into account that our game is meant to be experienced all over the world, we want to make sure that we are doing things right. With that said, over time we are going to be expanding the MythWalker Closed Beta to include more regions of the world. And although we would love to share where we are expanding to next... that is going to have to wait for an update soon to come!

In the meantime, definitely sign up for beta. Once we are ready to share where we are launching the MythWalker Closed Beta next, anyone who lives in those regions and has already signed up will automatically get an invite. We are more than excited to start bringing more people to Mytherra!

Closed Beta Signup

Convention Season Has Arrived!

If you are new to the world of video game conventions, welcome! MythWalker recently attended the LA Festival of Books and although not a video game convention, we had an amazing time bringing MythWalker to a public event for the very first time! We had the opportunity to chat with some wonderful people, allow them to be one of the first to try MythWalker, and enter our raffles for some free MythWalker goodies.

MythWalker has some very exciting plans in the very near future! If you aren't already following @MythWalkerGame on your favorite social media platform, this would definitely be the time to do so. We've got some big announcements as soon as this week, so be sure not to miss it! We'll give you the rundown of which conventions MythWalker will be attending as well as what we have in store for you.

Closing Things Out for the First Time...

We truly are glad to have you join our journey! We have poured our hearts into all things MythWalker and we are beyond excited to finally be bringing everything to YOU. We listen to absolutely everything you have to say, whether it be in Closed Beta feedback, chatting with us in the official discord server, or commenting on our social media posts. Thank you so much for all of the positivity you've brought so far! We're excited to bring you more news and content soon!

Be sure to follow MythWalker on your favorite social media platform so that you can stay up to date with everything! You'll find us @MythWalkerGame.

Until next week,

Keith & Everyone on the MythWalker Team