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If you are here because of our Twitch Rivals Partnership or our segment on IGN Live, we hope you enjoyed the shows. We sure did! They were both moments of pure joy getting to see MythWalker get a bit of the spotlight during this very exciting season of game announcements!

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What Is MythWalker?

MythWalker™ is a mobile geolocation fantasy RPG that explores Earth’s parallel world, Mytherra. The mystical Child guides players through an overworld traversal system, using real locations to tell the stories of Earth’s myths and legends. With narrative-driven quests tied to an intriguing storyline, a cast of magical and memorable characters, a deep progression system, and robust multiplayer mode, MythWalker will connect players worldwide through meaningful global gameplay.

Playable on iOS and Android, MythWalker is in closed beta and will be rolling out to more regions this summer. Sign up for Closed Beta with the link below or at MythWalker.com.

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Mytherra is home to a number of sentient species, and three will be available to players in the Closed Beta. The Wulven are loyal dog-folk, small but hearty, whose cheerful nature and ferocity in battle make them valuable team players. The Annu are a feathered, birdlike people, driven by pride, whose strength lies in wielding powerful magic. Finally, there are Humans, a well-balanced and versatile people, who can excel in any role.

Players will have a choice of three playable classes. The Warrior is a classic mix of defense and powerful attacks. The Spellslinger is a fast-moving ranged combat specialist. The Priest is a healer and support fighter, focused on endurance and protection.

Can’t choose just one? MythWalker allows multiple characters to be created so players can experience any combination of species and class they want to try.


Welcome to the soul of Mytherra - the city of Hyport, which serves as a town hub for players to engage in various activities to help them on their quests. Here players will meet Madra “Mads” MacLachlan, a legendary, but now retired, Wulven adventurer, who sells all kinds of goods at Mads’ Market. They can stop by Stanna’s Forge to meet Gem Stanna the Blacksmith, who oversees the crafting of gear and can help with upgrading weapons and armor.


Up to three (3) local players can form an adventuring party. Parties have no time limit and allow players to take on harder enemies together while enjoying a boost to XP, gold, and other rewards. Mix and match character classes and species with friends to find the perfect combination of skills to beat the 60+ enemies in nine (9) different environments currently in-game.


Each player is paired with a Navigator, an ethereal spirit form that players use on Mytherra. Players gather Portal Energy during their adventures, enabling them to use their Navigator. This grants thetap-to-move feature, allowing players to interact with points of interest and engage in combat without physically moving. This is the first of many accessibility features currently being developed.


Swing your Pickaxe in the Mining mini-game and get to the bonus rounds for more rewards. Well-timed hits will earn you a bounty of metal - and if you’re lucky, rare stones to help you craft new armor and weapons. Try your hand at the Woodcutting mini-game, where precise swipes will chop down trees, yielding wood and other materials to craft useful items for your adventures.

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