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June 9


NantGames announces new features and closed beta regions for MythWalker™

The studio continues to innovate with the new tap-to-move feature a first for a geolocation role-playing game (GRPG) mobile experience and introduces Co-op

El Segundo, California – June 9, 2023 – NantGames is excited to announce new features for MythWalker, the first title to be developed and published by this new studio.

MythWalker is a geolocation fantasy RPG which will be released on iOS and Android devices. It is set on Mytherra, a fantastic parallel world to Earth, and players will be recruited by a powerful being, known only as The Child, to investigate attacks on her planet. As the host of the game, The Child will send players on mystical quests and adventures to uncover the truth about the attackers, explore the connection and shared histories between the two worlds, and lead Mytherra’s heroes in the defense of their home.

A closed beta is currently in Australia, with other regions opening up in July 2024. Sign up at

More chapters of a memorable story and journey unfold

New features will be revealed in the Closed Beta update in July including the tap-to-move feature. Each player is paired with a Navigator, an ethereal spirit form that players use on Mytherra. Players gather Portal Energy during their adventures, enabling them to use their Navigator. This grants the tap-to-move feature, allowing players to interact with points of interest and engage in combat without physically moving. This is the first of many accessibility features currently being developed.

Co-op will also be introduced this summer where up to three (3) local players can form an adventuring party for an unlimited amount of time. This will allow players to take on harder enemies together while enjoying a boost to XP, gold, and other rewards.

Closed Beta still allows players to try out other gameplay features. There will be three hero species to pick from: The Wulven, loyal dog-folk; the Annu, magical bird-like people; and Mytherran Humans, who are versatile and well-rounded. Players will also have a choice of three playable classes – The Warrior, the Spellslinger, and the Priest – each with different strengths and combat approaches, to accommodate different playstyles. With more than 70 enemies to discover in different and biomes, players will have plentiful opportunities to experiment with different moves, spells, and weapons.

Mining and woodcutting minigames will allow players to collect materials that can be used or sold in the home city of Hyport. Players can craft and upgrade weapons and armor at Stanna’s Forge, under the tutelage of Gem Stanna the Blacksmith. Or they can visit Mad’s Market the city’s general store, to buy and sell items with the retired Wulven adventurer Madra “Mad” MacLachlan.

Later beta tests will offer additional gameplay features, including story quests, characters, and more.

“Our focused and passionate team continues to show our dedication to bringing players meaningful gaming experiences with ground-breaking new features like tap-to-move. Allowing players to experience gameplay without having to physically move opens up so many possibilities and we are innovating in the geolocation space, moving it forward. We can’t wait to share what other accessibility features and surprises we have for players this summer” said Mike Madden, Executive Producer at NantGames.

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Christie Gehring

Sr. Marketing Manager

About NantGames

NantGames began in 2018 as a small business venture within the larger NantWorks organization, to explore the idea of creating games and interactive media. Since then, the studio has grown to over 50+ remote employees and is developing its first game, MythWalker.

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